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Founded to pioneer new approaches to scholarly communication and to ensure that research subjects and source communities have access to scholarly work that is of special concern to them, MAR is an open-access journal that does not charge fees to either authors or readers.

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“Life in the TV”: The Visual Nature of 9/11 Lore and Its Impact on Vernacular Response
Rosemary V. Hathaway

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Founded in 1976 (as the Turkish Studies Association Bulletin), each issue of the Journal of Ottoman and Turkish Studies Association contains the latest scholarship on the Ottoman Empire and Republic of Turkey, and includes state of the field essays, book reviews and review articles that examine the wide ranging studies that cross-disciplinary, national, ethnic, imperial, periodized, religious, geographic, and linguistic boundaries and take as their focus the diversity of peoples, influences, approaches, times, and regions that make up the Turkish and former Ottoman worlds.
The Journal of Ottoman and Turkish Studies Association is published semiannually by the Ottoman and Turkish Studies Association.

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