‘Budapest’s Children’ Wins 2022 Grace Abbott Prize!

The panel was firstly impressed by Kind-Kovács’ revelation of a history that was poorly understood, using foreign language materials that rarely feature in Anglophone publications on the history of childhood and youth….

The Horrible and Enlightening Life of Jean Améry

Hans Mayer, a Jew from the Austrian countryside, was in love with the solitary woods, the streams, and the mountains of his native land. In 1934, when Hitler had been German chancellor for over a year and Catholic quasi-fascists controlled Austria,…

The Rabbi’s Wife Was a Spy

Isser Harel, head of the Mossad, Israel’s spying agency, landed in Tel Aviv in mid-March 1962, returning from a work-related trip, to find an urgent message waiting for him: “David Ben-Gurion wants to speak with you.” Harel was one of Israel’s fiercest and most sophisticated spymasters….

Former NOC editor spotlights Machine Gun Kelly’s seminal 1932 kidnapping

One-time News of Orange Editor Kevin Meredith leads his readers into a journey back to the wild days of rampant abductions in the early-to-mid-1930s in his new release, “Under Penalty of Death: The Untold Story of Machine Gun Kelly’s First Kidnapping.”

The 374-page account — available through Amazon and Barnes &…

Felrath Hines Historical Marker dedication Crispus Attucks April 27

Historic Marker Honoring Felrath Hines to Be Situated by Crispus Attucks High

INDIANAPOLIS – A new state historical marker sponsored by the Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites to honor the late abstract artist Samuel Felrath Hines will be unveiled at 11:30 a.m….

Philadelphia Jewish Exponent

Former Inquirer Reporter Andrew Cassel Translates Holocaust Diary

In 2015, Andrew Cassel retired from his career as a newspaperman after 35 years, including 23 at The Philadelphia Inquirer. But the longtime business reporter was not ready to just kick back….

Andi’s Birthday Sale!

Its Andi’s birthday and she wants everyone to get a present.

Indiana University Press’ amazing Andi Wilson is having a birthday and she wants everyone to get a present….