IU Press is an internationally recognized publishing enterprise that exists to serve the needs of the scholarly community. Our mission–to inform and inspire scholars, students, and other thoughtful readers by disseminating ideas and knowledge of global significance, regional importance, and lasting value–is both an essential and an expensive one. The titles we publish are subject to peer review, which guarantees their relevance but is also costly and time consuming, and they are printed in limited press runs for small, specialized audiences, which increases their unit cost.

The Press is a largely self-financed, not-for-profit publisher whose operation is funded by a fragile balance of sales revenues, grants, and gifts. In practice, the Press is able to generate the majority of the resources we need to support our operation from the sales of books and journals. However, unlike the market for popular fiction, the market for scholarly books is usually small. Private assistance, therefore, is important to our survival and growth.

By contributing to the Press, you will help us achieve our mission, maintain our standard of publishing excellence, and further the causes of education, culture, and intellectual inquiry embodied in the books and journals we publish.

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