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  • Keywords: Education, Muslim Studies, Philanthropy, Political Science, Prosocial Action, Volunteer Studies


The Journal of Education in Muslim Societies (JEMS) is a semiannual, open access and peer reviewed journal published in partnership with the International Institute of Islamic Thought and Indiana University Press. JEMS encourages work on a wide range of topics pertinent to the education sector including but not limited to pedagogies, teacher practices, leadership, and policy as it relates to the conditions and status of education in Muslim societies and communities. The guiding premise of the journal is that education serves more than just the acquisition of knowledge and skills but the enhancement of the holistic aspects of individuals and societies. JEMS seeks manuscripts in subject areas such as comparative education, youth and youth development, curriculum reform, early childhood education, higher education, as well as others. The journal has no disciplinary or methodological bias.

All manuscripts are subjected to a double-blind peer-review process prior to acceptance and publication.

** News Update **

  • As of July 2022, the Journal of Education in Muslim Societies (JEMS) is now Open Access.
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  • The African Youth Center for Sustainable Development in the Faculty of Legal, Economic, and Social Sciences at Mohammed V University in Rabat, Morocco, and the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) invite submissions of research presentations for a Symposium on Education in Muslim Societies: Women’s Scholarship and Engagement in Policy, Pedagogy, and Development. The Symposium will be held in a hybrid format (with an option for virtual or in-person participation) at the Faculty in Agdal, Rabat, Morocco, on November 28–30, 2023. Learn more.

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