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Gary Dunham, Director of IU Press and Digital Publishing
(812) 855-4773 [email protected]

Business Office

Michael Noth, Director of Business Affairs

Brent Starr, Staff Accountant
(812) 855-5366 [email protected]

Kim Bower, Manager, Accounts Receivable
[email protected]

Janie Pearson, Assistant Manager, Database Coordinator, Journals Orders and Support
[email protected]

Rhonda Van Der Dussen, Book Orders, Customer Support
[email protected]

Theresa Halter, Book Orders, Customer Support
[email protected]

Editorial Team

We welcome submissions in our fields of publication. Please submit your full proposal through our online submission form, which will direct your proposal to the appropriate editor. Our Manuscript Submission Guidelines has more information on how to submit your book proposal.

Jennika Baines, Acquisitions Editor
[email protected]

Allison Chaplin, Acquisitions Editor
[email protected]

Anna Francis, Assistant Acquisitions Editor
[email protected]

Sophia Hebert, Assistant Acquisitions Editor
[email protected]

Michelle Mastro, Bicentennial Project Manager, Well House Books
[email protected]

Ashante Thomas, Assistant Acquisitions Editor
[email protected]

Marketing & Sales

Dave Hulsey, Associate Director, Director of Sales and Marketing
(812) 855-6553 [email protected]

Brian Carroll, Rights Manager
[email protected]
Contact for copyright, permissions, and usage inquires

Theresa Halter, Publicity Coordinator
[email protected]
Contact for review copies and media requests for scholarly books

Rachel Rosolina, Marketing and Publicity Manager
(812) 855-9449 [email protected]
Contact for inquiries about trade and scholarly marketing and publicity

Chantel Stavick, Internet Communications Manager
[email protected]
Contact for inquiries about social media, email marketing, the IU Press website, and the blog

Chase Strother, Marketing Specialist
(812) 855-4522 [email protected]
Contact for inquires about exhibits and journals marketing

Joy Travis, Humanities Open Book Project Manager
(812) 856-5218 [email protected]

Stephen Williams, Marketing and Publicity Manager
(812) 855-6314 [email protected]
Contact for inquiries about trade and scholarly marketing and publicity

Rhonda Van Der Dussen, Sales and Marketing Assistant
[email protected]
Contact for inquiries about book awards


Michael Regoli, Director of Publishing Operations

Lesley Bolton, Project Manager/Editor

Tony Brewer, Publishing Services Coordinator

Laura Hohman, Production Manager

Katie Huggins, Production Coordinator

Nancy Lightfoot, Project Manager/Editor

Darja Malcolm-Clarke, Project Manager/Editor

David Miller, Lead Project Manager/Editor

Dan Pyle, Online Publishing Manager

Pam Rude, Senior Artist and Book Designer

Sherondra Thedford, Journals Production Manager

Jennifer Witzke, Senior Artist and Book Designer