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Vegan Recipes from Nepal

by Babita Shrestha

Published by: Red Lightning Books

The art of healthy cooking is all about loving yourself and spreading that love to those around you. It's even better when you can cook a delicious meal and also help protect the environment.

In Plant-Based Himalaya, Nepalese author Babita Shrestha shares 38 vegan recipes from her home country that she has been cooking and eating since she was very young, including mouthwatering grains, dal, curries, greens, sauces, and desserts. In addition to food, Shrestha introduces her beloved Nepal along with her personal goals for a plant-based diet: decreasing mass production and consumption of unhealthy processed food in plastic packaging.

Featuring 250 beautiful full-color photos, Plant-Based Himalaya is designed to inspire you to cook and eat exquisitely vegan home-style Nepali cuisine. Make it exceptional, and share it with your loved ones!


A Photographic Survey of the Wild Edible Botanicals of North America

by Jimmy Fike

Published by: Red Lightning Books

For over a decade, artist Jimmy Fike traveled across the continental United States in an epic effort to photograph wild edible flora. Edible Plants is the culmination of that journey, featuring over 100 photographs that Fike has selectively colorized to highlight the comestible part of the plant.

While the images initially appear to be scientific illustrations or photograms from the dawn of photography when plants were placed directly on sensitized paper and exposed under the sun, a closer look reveals, according to Liesl Bradner of the Los Angeles Times, "haunting [and] eerily beautiful" photographs. Beyond instilling wonder, Fike's contemporary, place-based approach to landscape photography emphasizes our relationship to the natural world, reveals food sources, and encourages environmental stewardship. His clever and beautiful method makes it easy to identify both the specimen and its edible parts and includes detailed descriptions about the plant's wider purposes as food and medicine.

Sumptuously illustrated and delightfully informative, Edible Plants is the perfect gift for anyone curious about unlocking the secrets of native North American plants


Cocktails and Sports Trivia

by Bryan Paiement

Published by: Red Lightning Books

In a perfect world everyone would be able to attend great sporting events—the Super Bowl, the Masters, the Stanley Cup Playoffs. But when getting to the game isn't possible, watching the event with friends in the comfort of your own home is the next best option. In Sports Bar: Cocktails and Sports Trivia, sports fanatic and professional bartender Bryan Paiement provides you with everything you need to kick back and enjoy the game in style.

Featuring 40 original cocktail recipes specially crafted with the world's most famous sporting events in mind, you can impress your friends with drinks such as "Augusta on My Mind," "Lord Stanley Sour," and "The Brickyard Toast." And when the game slows down (or your team starts to lose), Sport Bar offers amazing, often unbelievable sports facts that will, when paired with a delicious cocktail, spark conversation among your friends: Why are Roman numerals used to number Super Bowls? How many calories does the average cyclist burn during one stage of the Tour de France? Who was the first woman jockey to ever ride in the Kentucky Derby?

So pull out your team jerseys and let Sports Bar inspire you to gather your friends together for the game and a great time.


Around the World in 80 Toasts

Published by: Red Lightning Books

Salut! Prost! Skål! Na zdrave! Tagay!

No matter what country you clink glasses in, everyone has a word for cheers. In Cheers! Around the World in 80 Toasts, Brandon Cook takes readers on a whirlwind trip through languages from Estonian to Elvish and everywhere in between. Need to know how to toast in Tagalog? Say "bottoms up" in Basque? "Down the hatch" in Hungarian? Cook teaches readers how to toast in 80 languages and includes drinking traditions, historical facts, and strange linguistic phenomena for each. Sweden, for instance, has a drinking song that taunts an uppity garden gnome, while Turkey brandishes words like Avrupalılaştıramadıklarımızdanmışsınızcasına. And the most valuable liquor brand in the world isn't Johnny Walker or Hennessey, but Maotai—President Nixon's liquor of choice when he visited China.

Whether you're traveling the globe or the beer aisle, Cheers! will show you there's a world of fun waiting for you. So raise a glass and begin exploring!

The audio book is narrated by Nicholas Smith. Produced by Speechki in 2021.


Published by: Red Lightning Books

There is no right or wrong way to drink bourbon—in a cocktail, straight up, on the rocks, or with a splash of soda. You will never know which is your way until you try them all, and How to Be a Bourbon Badass will guide you on the path of your own bourbon adventure.

In How to Be a Bourbon Badass, Linda Ruffenach tells the story of her own personal journey with bourbon and shares behind-the-scenes tales from bourbon industry experts and rock stars. She captures the storied history of America’s native spirit, explains the process of making liquid gold, and offers top-notch cocktail, dinner, and dessert recipes for the novice and connoisseur alike. From tales of legendary master distillers to stories of women whose lives were changed through newfound bourbon badass confidence, and from recipes for classics like the bourbon highball to fresh twists like strawberry bourbon lemonade with rosemary, Linda Ruffenach will redefine your perceptions of bourbon and those who savor it. Your journey to becoming a bourbon badass begins here.


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