Forthcoming Series Accepting Submissions

To submit a book proposal for any of the series listed below, please visit our Proposal Submission Form here.

Icons of Horror

The Icons of Horror series is dedicated to the study of horror cinema and media through contemporary and classic iconic objects, villains, tropes, franchises, directors, and actors. Each book offers an engaging exploration of the presence and meanings of a single horror icon across multiple cinematic or media works.

Marc Olivier, series editor


Studies in Climate and Environmental Resilience

Studies in Climate and Environmental Resilience, published by Indiana University Press in partnership with the Environmental Resilience Institute (ERI) at Indiana University, is a new series that seeks to publish works that deal with human responses to environmental and climate challenges and the social, economic, political, and cultural issues that relate to such responses. Topics for consideration may include the climate future of the Midwest, the legacies of coal and steel in the Midwest, water security, environmental journalism and injustice, climate anxiety and youth activism, and agricultural futures of the corn/soy belt, among others. While thoroughly grounded in the types of research, study, and scholarship that are characteristic of ERI, works in this series are also intended to be accessible to a broad-based audience beyond the academy, in the state of Indiana and beyond. To assure wide reach across all demographic categories of readers, books in this series will be available online in an electronic edition for no charge. Inquiries may be sent to series editors Gabriel Filippelli ([email protected]) and James Shanahan ([email protected]).

Gabriel Filippelli and James Shanahan, series editors


Underground Cultures

Underground Cultures welcomes proposals for books that showcase underground cultures, broadly conceived as artistic, political, and spiritual acts of dissidence in a range of social contexts. As underground cultures create innovative ways of making community and the self, books in this series will investigate sites of cultural and artistic expression that are politically charged yet may be hidden in plain sight. The series seeks studies that incorporate methods from disciplines in proximity to subcultural acts and groups, like folklore, ethnomusicology, anthropology, history, sociology, religious studies, and literary and cultural studies. The series also urges international perspectives on underground cultures and is interested in volumes interacting with expanding notions of “being underground” in the contexts of coloniality, the Global South, and diaspora. Inquiries may be sent to series editor Solimar Otero ([email protected]).

Solimar Otero, series editor