Pakistan Journal of Historical Studies journal cover, published by Indiana University Press

Journal Information

  • ISSN: 2412-611X
  • eISSN: 2470-8518
  • Keywords: Cultural Identity, Cultural Studies, Colonialism, History, International Studies, Middle East Studies, Music, Political Discourse, Secularism, Pakistan


The Pakistan Journal of Historical Studies (PJHS) aims to develop critical ideas on less explored and innovative themes in social, cultural, art, architectural, political, and economic histories. Scholars engaged with current historical debates about any region and period can submit articles on a particular theme thus initiating a dialogue on theoretical and methodological issues. By moving beyond the dualistic discourse on secularism vs theocracy, capitalism vs communism, traditionalism vs modernism, colonialism vs postcolonialism, meta-narrative vs micro-narrative, and so on, each issue aims to promote rigorous scholarship helpful in understanding our past and its contradictions.

PJHS is a peer-reviewed semiannual journal sponsored by the Khaldunia Centre for Historical Research in Lahore, Pakistan.