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  • eISSN: 1938–5145
  • Keywords: Anthropology, Archives, Ethnology, Exhibition, Folk Museums, Folklore Studies, History, History of Anthropology, Intellectual History, Material Culture, Museum Studies, Social History
  • First Issue: 2007
  • Frequency: Semiannual


Museum Anthropology Review (MAR) works to advance research and professional practice within the diverse, international fields of museum anthropology, museum-based folklore studies, and material culture studies and to foster communication within and between them. The journal’s founding commitment to open access publishing remains rooted in concerns for equity, inclusion, and the specific interests of the varied communities with whom scholars in these fields work.

In parallel with its open access commitments, MAR strives to reflect a plural, multicentered and international perspective. While reflective of the provincial contexts and social networks out of which the journal emerged, MAR has sought to bridge and reflect the different regional and national contexts in its fields. It has thus published works in several languages other than English and it will continue to do so whenever possible. The journal is also eager to disrupt the scholar/practitioner binary that is particularly pronounced in the museum disciplines. In this context, MAR has pioneered the publication of project reports that record, and reflect upon, the substantive work of museum-based and museum-related initiatives—endeavors that are central to the praxis of the journal's fields but that are too seldom written about and durably shared.

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