Journal Information

  • ISSN: 1536-3155
  • eISSN: 1947-4237
  • Keywords: African Americans, African Studies, Black Feminism, Film Studies, Gender Studies, Movie Culture, Political Movements, Popular Culture, Queer Culture, Race & Ethnicity
  • First Issue: Volume 1, number 1 (2009)
  • Frequency: biannually


Black Camera, a journal of Black film studies, is devoted to the study and documentation of the Black cinematic experience and aims to engender and sustain a formal academic discussion of Black film production. We include reviews of historical as well as contemporary books and films, researched critiques of recent scholarship on Black film, interviews with accomplished film professionals, and editorials on the development of Black creative culture. Black Camera challenges received and established views and assumptions about the traditions and practices of filmmaking in the African diaspora, where new and longstanding cinematic formations are in play. Issues and special sections are devoted to national cinemas, as well as independent, marginal, or oppositional films and cinematic formations.