Journal Information

  • ISSN: 2643-9255
  • eISSN: 2643-9247
  • Keywords: Religious Studies, Latin America, Caribbean, Race, Gender, Literature, History, Politics, Anthropology, Sociology, Law, Material Culture, Popular Culture
  • First Issue: Volume 1, number 1 (2019)
  • Frequency: biannually


Published semiannually, American Religion offers a forum for intellectual and creative engagement with religion in the Americas. As the journal explores the boundaries of both “America” and “religion,” and ways in which the two intersect, the journal’s broader intervention in the publishing landscape takes exception to more standard historical conceptions of “American religion” as denominational history, surveys of religious diversity, and other dimensions related to “church history” and its adjunct cultural productions. Each issue will feature a review essay and a series of shorter reviews of important emerging work. The review section will focus on academic book titles but also remain open to consideration of other important cultural landmarks, including works of literature, music, video, performing art, theater, food, and technology. The journal will also expand into more experimental modes of expression—one for poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction—which will run in the print edition, and an online platform that will serve as a host to innovate digital scholarship in the field.