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  • ISSN: 1565-1525
  • eISSN: 1553-3956
  • Keywords: Christian Philosophy, History, Jewish History, Jewish Literature, Jewish Studies, Judaic Philosophy, Literature, Medieval Literature, Philosophy, Treatises
  • First Issue: Volume 1, number 1 (2001)
  • Frequency: biannually


Aleph is devoted to the exploration of the interface between Judaism and science in history. We welcome contributions on any chapter in the history of science in which Judaism played a significant role, or on any chapter in the history of Judaism in which science played a significant role. Science is conceived very broadly, including the social sciences and the humanities. History of science is also broadly construed within its social and cultural dimensions.

Aleph is published in partnership with the Sidney M. Edelstein Center for the History and Philosophy of Science, Technology and Medicine at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.