Open Access Books

Cover includes abstract art with the title Body Movement & Nonverbal Communication in black ink.
Body Movement & Nonverbal Communication
Cover includes portrait of Aleksandra  Kollontai, with the title, Bolshevik Feminist printed in red and white ink.
Bolshevik Feminist
Blue cover with images of a reed plant. The title, Born of the Same Roots printed in yellow.
Born of the Same Roots
Cover includes a photo of a film crew. The title, Breaking the Frame, printed in red.
Breaking the Fame
Text style cover. A green back ground  with the tittle, Camera Politica, in yellow.
Camera Politica
Text cover with black back ground and the title, Cheremis Musical Styles, in yellow.
Cheremis Musical Styles
Cover includes a red star on the top half, with the title, CHINA, printed in yellow.
China, The Struggle for Power
Text style cover, light blue background with the title, Classical Chinese Tales of the Supernatural and the Fantastic printed in red.
Classical Chinese Tales of the Supernatural and the Fantastic
Cover image of piano keys in tan and black, with the text, Class Piano in red.
Class Piano
Top of the cover is gray in color with the title, Communicational Structure in a tan cover.  Bottom half is orange in color with 4 line drawings of people in various sitting and standing positions.
Communicational Structure
Text cover includes a dark green background with the title, Communism in Eastern Europe printed in white.
Communism in Eastern Europe
Text style cover with a gold background with the title, Computation in Linguistics printed in a light tan.
Computation in Linguistics
Orange color cover includes the image of a scroll if a violin with the title, Concepts in String Playing, printed in black.
Concepts in String Playing
Cover includes an orange background, with an image of an 18th century river scene.  The title, Constitution and Reform in Eighteenth-Century Poland, printed in gray.
Constitution and Reform in Eighteenth-Century Poland
Text style with red background with the title, Creditworthiness and Reform in Poland, printed in gold.
Creditworthiness and Reform in Poland
Background of cover includes a line of peoples names.  The title is in a tan box in the middle of the cover. The title: Crime-Victim Stories.
Crime-Victim Stories
Black and white cover. The title, Revolution in Russia, 1928-1931, printed on cover.
Cultural Revolution in Russia
Text style cover with a dark gray background. The title, Phonological Theory, printed in tan.
Current Phonological Theory
Text style cover, including colors gold and orange.  The title, Current Issues in Linguistic Theory printed in gold.
Current Issues in Linguistics Theory
Text style cover with an off white background with a purple text.  The title, Derrida and the Economy of Différance printed on the cover.
Derrida and the Economy of Diffèrance
Text cover - white cover with the title in red.   Red stripe on lower left hand corner.
Edmund Husserl’s Phenomenology: A Critical Commentary