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How to be a Vodka Snob featured in Austin American Statements

By the Book: Cheers: Book club turns ‘vodka snobs’ | Austin American Statements | Featuring How to Be a Vodka Snob by Brittany Jacques | June 12, 2021

Usually when I think of cocktails made with vodka, I think of the screwdriver, which I’ve sworn off after a bad experience when I was … well, younger. I do, however, enjoy an occasional vodka tonic or vodka martini. And that was the sum total of my knowledge of vodka.

However, “How to be a Vodka Snob” by Brittany Jacques has made me appreciate how versatile and delicious vodka and vodka cocktails can be, even when they contain orange juice.

Jacques is the pen name for a husband-and-wife team of foodies and drinkies. (Is that what you call cocktail connoisseurs?) The book combines the basics, such as types of vodka and distilling methods; history, how cocktails originated; and recipes for drinks and even appetizers and punches.

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