Food fare: Beyond persimmon pudding – Herald-Times

(Image caption: The Perfect Persimmon: History, Recipes, and More, by Michelle Medlock Adams, is shown with some local persimmons and persimmon pulp that is ready for use in one of the recipes. Credit: Janice Rickert / Herald-Times)

Food fare: Beyond persimmon pudding | By Carolyn VandeWiele | Herald-Times | October 7, 2020

I recently got a new cookbook in the mail. It’s not very big — at about 8-by-5-inches and a scant 130 pages or so of text, it’s dwarfed by many of the books in my collection. But like its subject, it is packed full of yum, sweet, and maybe just a little bit squishy.

The author is Michelle Medlock Adams, an award-winning journalist and best-selling writer. From what I can see from perusing the 100+ titles on her website, this is her first book about food. And the subject is one that is near and dear to many Hoosiers Hearts.

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