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Bee a Good Human featured in NUVO

The essentiality of the smallest among us | NUVO | Featuring Bee a Good Human: A Pollinators’ Guide to a Better Life by Ali Beckman | June 26, 2021

At hand is Ali Beckman’s newly published, ‘Bee a good human: A pollinator’s guide to a better life’ [ Red Lightning, an imprint of Indiana University Press].

On an unspecified day in December 2016, Beckman came upon “two dead flies lying next to each other at an unspecified location in her home. “

“I couldn’t get over the image of the two flies having a conversation before they died. So, I grabbed a piece of paper, picked up the flies, got my pen out, and started drawing.”

Thus began @SoFlyTaxidermy on Instagram. Four and a half years and a slew of posts later, Ali Beckman is an online personality steeped in “entomology and the impact insects have on our world.”

With a nationwide following, Beckman remains true to her original purpose, “to make [us] think of the bigger picture and to laugh a little.”

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