Podcast: Anand Pandian discusses Ayya’s Accounts

Anand Pandian’s new book Ayya’s Accounts explores the life of an ordinary man—orphan, refugee, shopkeeper, and grandfather—during a century of tremendous hope and upheaval. Born in colonial India into a despised caste of former tree climbers, Ayya lost his mother as a child and came of age in a small town in lowland Burma. Forced to flee at the outbreak of World War II, he made a treacherous 1,700-mile journey by foot, boat, bullock cart, and rail back to southern India. Becoming a successful fruit merchant, Ayya educated and eventually settled many of his descendants in the United States. Luck, nerve, subterfuge, and sorrow all have their place along the precarious route of his advancement. On this episode of the IU Press podcast, Anand Pandian discusses how conversations with his grandfather grew into a book about his life.

In addition to this podcast, you can learn more about Ayya and what he thinks of the book in this video