Open Access Well House Books until August 1, 2020

Open Access Well House Books until August 1, 2020

The Bicentennial year of Indiana University provides unparalleled challenges for all of us. 2020 also presents remarkable opportunities for us to understand each other better and grow together. In keen appreciation of the resilience, leadership, and commitment to justice and equality shown by the staff, faculty, students, and alumni of Indiana University, Indiana University Press is proud to share freely a rich sample of our Well House Books series that celebrates who we are as a campus and community.

Now through August 1, eight books from the Well House Books collection will be open for anyone to read for free online. Generously supported by the Office of the Bicentennial, Well House Books showcases the people, history, and legacy of Indiana University.  We invite you to (virtually) open them, enjoy their beautiful illustrations and engaging stories, and learn more about what makes IU so special.

Gary Dunham, Director, Indiana University Press