New releases for November

Imagining-autismImagining Autism
Fiction and Stereotypes on the Spectrum
Sonya Freeman Loftis

This groundbreaking book looks at fictional characters widely understood as autistic, including Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes and Harper Lee’s Boo Radley to discover their impact on cultural stereotypes, autistic culture, and the identity politics of autism.

Rr-bordersRailroaders without Borders
A History of the Railroad Development Corporation
H. Roger Grant

"H. Roger Grant has brought his considerable research and writing skills to the story of a unique and exotic present-day railroad enterprise that spans an area from the American Great Plains, to the Andes, to the Zambezi River, and the Baltic Sea . . . [M]akes for fascinating reading." —Herbert H. Harwood, Jr., author of The Railroad That Never Was: Vanderbilt, Morgan, and the South Pennsylvania Railroad

Lake-shoreNow in paperback
The Lake Shore Electric Railway Story
Herbert H. Harwood, Jr., and Robert S. Korach

"The authors have done a masterful job of presenting the complete story of the Lake Shore Electric and its streetcar companies in Lorain, Sandusky, and Norwalk." —Railroad History

Bastard-ebookBastards of Utopia
Living Radical Politics after Socialism
Enhanced ebook edition
Maple Razsa

This special ebook only edition of Bastards of Utopia contains the full text of the book plus 52 clips from the companion feature documentary film of the same name. The book explores the experiences and political imagination of young radical activists in the former Yugoslavia, participants in what they call alterglobalization or "globalization from below." This enhanced ebook edition is for Apple and Kindle formats only.

Pearl-dariThe Pearl of Dari
Poetry and Personhood among Young Afghans in Iran
Zuzanna Olszewska

This book takes us into the heart of Afghan refugee life in the Islamic Republic of Iran through a rich ethnographic portrait of the circle of poets and intellectuals who make up the “Pearl of Dari” cultural organization. Zuzanna Olszewska offers compelling insights into the social life of poetry in an urban, Middle Eastern setting largely unknown in the West.

UnescoUNESCO on the Ground
Local Perspectives on Intangible Cultural Heritage
Edited by Michael Dylan Foster and Lisa Gilman

Drawing upon six communities ranging across three continents—from India, South Korea, Malawi, Japan, Macedonia and China—and focusing on festival, ritual, and dance, this volume illuminates the complexities and challenges faced by those who find themselves drawn, in different ways, into UNESCO’s orbit.

Grace-4-moonsNow in paperback
The Grace of Four Moons
Dress, Adornment, and the Art of the Body in Modern India
Pravina Shukla
Photographs by Pravina Shukla and Henry Glassie

Winner, Millia Davenport Publication Award, Costume Society of America
Winner, Ananda Kentish Coomaraswamy Book Prize

"The Grace of Four Moons provides a wealth of information about clothing and jewelry as an outlet for women seeking freedom of expression in India, while staying with a traditional framework." —India Currents Magazine

GeopoliticsGeopolitics and the Quest for Dominance
Jeremy Black

Approaching state strategy and policy from the spatial angle, Jeremy Black argues that just as the perception of power is central to issues of power, so place, and its constraints and relationships, is partly a matter of perception, not merely map coordinates. Black’s study ranges widely, examining geography and the spatial nature of state power from the 15th century to the present day.

BeyngThe History of Beyng
Martin Heidegger
Translated by William McNeill and Jeffrey Powell

This book belongs to a series of Martin Heidegger's reflections from the 1930s that concern how to think about being not merely as a series of occurrences, but as essentially historical or fundamentally as an event. Beginning with Contributions to Philosophy (Of the Event), these texts are important for their meditations on the oblivion and abandonment of being, politics, and race, and for their incisive critique of power, force, and violence.

William-jamesWilliam James, Pragmatism, and American Culture
Deborah Whitehead

This book focuses on the work of William James and the relationship between the development of pragmatism and its historical, cultural, and political roots in 19th-century America. Deborah Whitehead reads pragmatism through the intersecting themes of narrative, gender, nation, politics, and religion.

MacisteThe Maciste Films of Italian Silent Cinema
Jacqueline Reich

Italian film star Bartolomeo Pagano's "Maciste" played a key role in his nation’s narratives of identity during World War I and after. Jacqueline Reich traces the racial, class, and national transformations undergone by this Italian strongman from African slave in Cabiria (1914), his first film, to bourgeois gentleman, to Alpine soldier of the Great War, to colonial officer in Italy's African adventures.

Politics-black-filmThe Politics and Poetics of Black Film
Nothing But a Man
Edited by David C. Wall and Michael T. Martin

To help frame and situate the film in the context of black film studies, the book gathers primary and secondary resources, including the original screenplay, essays on the film, statements by the filmmakers, and interviews with Robert M. Young, the film’s producer and cinematographer, and Khalil Gibran Muhammad, the Director of the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture.

Race-litRace and the Literary Encounter
Black Literature from James Weldon Johnson to Percival Everett
Lesley Larkin

These texts interrupt, manage, and manipulate, employing thematic, formal, and performative strategies in order to multiply meanings for multiple readers, teach new ways of reading, and enable the emergence of antiracist reading subjects.

Jewish-youthJewish Youth and Identity in Postwar France
Rebuilding Family and Nation
Daniella Doron

At the end of World War II, French Jews faced a devastating demographic reality: thousands of orphaned children, large numbers of single-parent households, and families in emotional and financial distress. Daniella Doron suggests that after years of occupation and collaboration, French Jews and non-Jews held contrary opinions about the future of the nation and the institution of the family.

African-musicAfrican Music, Power, and Being in Colonial Zimbabwe
Mhoze Chikowero

In this new history of music in Zimbabwe, Mhoze Chikowero reads African sources to interrogate and utilize the confessional colonial archive to write a complex history of music, colonialism, and self-liberation. Chikowero shows how Africans deployed their music and indigenous knowledge systems to fight for their freedom from British colonial domination and to assert their cultural sovereignty. 

Companion audiovisual materials for the book are available on the Ethnomusicology Multimedia website