New releases for November

David BakerCD included
David Baker
A Legacy in Music
Monika Herzig. With contributions by Nathan Davis, JB Dyas, John Edward Hasse, Willard Jenkins, Lissa May, Brent Wallarab, and David Ward-Steinman
Foreword by Quincy Jones

"David Baker is a musical institution and one of the most giving, brilliant, sensitive, funny and energetic forces among us. In the world of American jazz education and pedagogy, there is no higher tower." —Bill Banfield, musician, composer, writer, and educator

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Keystone KornerCD included
Keystone Korner
Portrait of a Jazz Club
Photographs and Interviews by Kathy Sloane
Edited by Sascha Feinstein and Kathy Sloane

"Open Kathy Sloane's new book, Keystone Korner, and you can smell the cigarette smoke. Put on the accompanying CD, and you can hear Bill Evans or Stan Getz playing this cramped room in North Beach 30 or 40 years ago." —San Francisco Chronicle

Today I Am a WomanToday I Am a Woman
Stories of Bat Mitzvah around the World
Edited by Barbara Vinick and Shulamit Reinharz

"Americans undoubtedly think they know what a bat mitzvah is. Today I Am a Woman will surprise them with its fascinating array of compelling accounts of what it meant for Jewish girls to come of age. The editors scoured the globe to find powerful, varied, and moving depictions of bat mitzvah in the contemporary Jewish world. This is a rich resource for anyone interested in understanding religious diversity, folk practices, and cultural creativity through the lens of gender." —Deborah Dash Moore, co-editor of Women and Gender in Jewish History

Starring Madame ModjeskaStarring Madame Modjeska
On Tour in Poland and America
Beth Holmgren

"Through extensive research on two continents, Holmgren offers a richly contextualized account of how the Polish Modrzejewska successfully negotiated late nineteenth century ethnic, class, and gender hierarchies to become the American Modjeska, luminous star and self-styled aristocrat. This beautifully written biography contributes to the histories of both theatre and immigration with nuanced insight into a compelling case of binational cultural arbitration." —Kim Marra, author of Strange Duets: Impresarios and Actresses in the American Theatre, 1865–1914

City of Rogues and SchnorrersCity of Rogues and Schnorrers
Russia's Jews and the Myth of Old Odessa
Jarrod Tanny

"Traces the emergence, development, and persistence of the myth of Odessa as both Garden of Eden and Gomorrah, a unique Russian/Soviet city that promised its residents easy money and all pleasures of the flesh. . . . A joy to read—well crafted, cogently argued, and compellingly written." —Robert Weinberg, Swarthmore College

New Harmony Then and NowNew Harmony Then and Now
Text by Donald E. Pitzer
Photographs by Darryl D. Jones
Foreword by Jane Blaffer Owen and Connie Weinzapfel

This photographic and historic celebration of New Harmony, Indiana explores the exciting history of two great American Utopian communities: the Harmonists and the Owenites. Intellectuals as well as artisans are drawn to this place of science and spirit.

A Photographic Essay
Jeff Moerchen
Introduction by Melissa Dinverno

With clarity and attention to detail, a Moerchen captures the life of the Hispanic community of Ligonier. More than a narrow study of an immigrant population, this evocative photo essay explores a small Indiana town as it struggles to survive.

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Speak to the EarthBack in Print
Speak to the Earth
Pages from a Farmwife's Journal
Rachel Peden
Foreword by Scott Russell Sanders
Drawings by Sidonie Coryn

A farmwife of 45 years looks at life—domestic and wild, human and critter—through the eyes of someone who witnesses nine seasons of the year rather than four. Her observations reveal the simple and profound pleasures in life.

Alva Vanderbilt BelmontAlva Vanderbilt Belmont
Unlikely Champion of Women's Rights
Sylvia D. Hoffert

"A major contribution to our understanding of the women's rights movement in America and to feminist biography and historiography." —Ruth Crocker, author of Mrs. Russell Sage: Women's Activism and Philanthropy in Gilded Age and Progressive Era America

John CoatesJohn Coates
The Man Who Built the Snowman
Marie Beardmore
Foreword by Raymond Briggs

This intimate biography takes the reader on a journey through the producer's early life, his years as an army officer in World War II, and his eventual and legendary entry into TV cartoons. This abundantly illustrated work also includes a DVD.

Human Rights and African AirwavesHuman Rights and African Airwaves
Mediating Equality on the Chichewa Radio
Harri Englund

This fresh look at African-language media reveals broadcasters' everyday struggles with state-sponsored biases and a listening public with strong views and a critical ear.

An Unreal EstateAn Unreal Estate
Sustainability and Freedom in an Evolving Community
Lucinda Carspecken

"Readers of An Unreal Estate will benefit greatly from the insights of community participants in their revealing interviews about opportunities, struggles, surprises, and the wide range of meaningful events that can occur in a small intentional community. This is a book that is very worthwhile for scholars as well as citizens to buy, read, and think hard about." —Elinor Ostrom, 2009 Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences

Music and GlobalizationMusic and Globalization
Critical Encounters
Edited by Bob W. White

Through the metaphor of encounters, this collection explores the dynamics that enable or hinder cross-cultural communication through music and what, if anything, we as consumers have to do with it.

Forerunners of MammalsForerunners of Mammals
Radiation • Histology • Biology
Edited by Anusuya Chinsamy-Turan

This remarkable book on the radiation, histology, and biology of the synapsids documents the bone microstructure of these forerunners of mammals, provides insights into their biology, and highlights areas for future research.

Kierkegaard and DeathKierkegaard and Death
Edited by Patrick Stokes and Adam Buben

"Starting from living death and the thought of death, and then moving through dying, recollecting the death of another, and finally future life, this volume brings together in a coherent way Kierkegaard's view on death and dying." —Andrew J. Burgess, University of New Mexico

A Lancastrian Mirror for PrincesA Lancastrian Mirror for Princes
The Yale Law School New Statutes of England
Rosemarie McGerr

"The study presents an original and a highly important reading of the imagery of this distinctively illustrated copy of the 'New Statutes.' . . . Professor McGerr skillfully interweaves the study of codicology, iconography, history and literature offering fresh and expansive interpretations of the interaction of its visual and verbal discourses." —James H. Marrow, Professor Emeritus of Art History Princeton University

Landmarks on the Iron RoadNow in Paperback
Landmarks on the Iron Road
Two Centuries of North American Railroad Engineering
William D. Middleton

"It's [Middleton's] ability to clearly explain the intricacies of civil engineering to a general-interest audience that really makes Landmarks on the Iron Road soar. . . . a must-read for anyone touched by the greatness of railroading." —Trains

CSX Clinchfield Route in the 21st CenturyNow in Paperback
The CSX Clinchfield Route in the 21st Century
Jerry Taylor and Ray Poteat

"The text is well-written, easy to read, and thoroughly researched, and is accompanied by several detailed maps and a good variety of b&w photography." —Railfan and Railroad