New releases for May

Balkan Breakthrough Balkan Breakthrough
The Battle of Dobro Pole 1918
Richard C. Hall

"Incredibly rich . . . well written, and thoroughly researched. For those unfamiliar with the critical role of the Balkans in World War I historiography, this will be an extremely useful introduction." —Graydon Tunstall, University of South Florida

Ousmane Sembene Ousmane Sembène
The Making of a Militant Artist
Samba Gadjigo. Translated by Moustapha Diop. Foreword by Danny Glover

"Samba Gadjigo has undertaken a very important task, that of writing the first biography of one of the best-known and most influential African writers—and the founder of the continent's cinema—Ousmane Sembène." —Christopher L. Miller, author of The French Atlantic Triangle

From Protest to Challenge Volume 6 From Protest to Challenge
A Documentary History of African Politics in South Africa, 1882–1990, Challenge and Victory, 1980–1990
Volume 6

Gail M. Gerhart and Clive L. Glaser

Volume 6 examines the crucial decade that preceded the collapse of the apartheid system. As with earlier volumes in the series, it combines narrative with a wealth of primary source materials that record the words of the men and women who shaped South Africa’s complex history.

Epic of Kelefaa Saane The Epic of Kelefaa Saane
Sirifo Camara
Edited and translated by Sana Camara

This powerful epic, translated into English here for the first time, honors the legendary warrior prince of Kaabu and Mandinka cultural hero, Kelefaa Saane. This beautifully engaging performance provides a unique perspective on the intellectual and literary heritage of West Africa.

Guide to the Latin American Art Song Repertoire A Guide to the Latin American Art Song Repertoire
An Annotated Catalog of Twentieth-Century Art Songs for Voice and Piano
Edited by Maya Hoover

A reference guide to the vast array of art song literature and composers from Latin America, this book introduces the music of Latin America from a singer’s perspective and provides a basis for research into the songs of this richly musical area of the world.

Global Governance and the UN Global Governance and the UN
An Unfinished Journey
Thomas G. Weiss and Ramesh Thakur
Foreword by John Gerard Ruggie

"Every student of global governance, and every course on global governance, needs to have a coherent understanding of the existing UN system and its relationship to the rest of world governance, both as it now exists and as we can imagine it can be. This is simply the best book available for that purpose." —Craig Murphy, Wellesley College

Jewish Bialystok and Its Diaspora Jewish Bialystok and Its Diaspora
Rebecca Kobrin

This study of the dispersal of Jews from one city in Poland demonstrates how the act of migration set in motion a wide range of transformations that led the migrants to imagine themselves as exiles not only from the mythic Land of Israel but most immediately from their east European homeland.

Material Culture Material Culture and Jewish Thought in America
Ken Koltun-Fromm

"The most profound and uniquely conceived study of modern Jewish thought to appear in a long, long time. . . . The reader learns that Judaism cannot be thought apart from space and the things that both constitute and mark it." —Zachary Braiterman, author of The Shape of Revelation: Aesthetics and Modern Jewish Thought

Logic Logic
The Question of Truth
Martin Heidegger. Translated by Thomas Sheehan

"It would be difficult to overstate the scope of the impact of the English version of Heidegger's Logic. Heidegger carries out nothing short of a fundamental reinterpretation of the meaning of truth and the foundations of logic. This is a fine translation that contributes much to the overall strength of the work." —Theodore George, Texas A&M University

Religion and Violence in Early American Methodism Religion and Violence in Early American Methodism
Taking the Kingdom by Force
Jeffrey Williams

"Engages a different literature on spirituality, namely its violent dimensions . . . extraordinarily well written, immensely important, and groundbreaking work." —Russell E. Richey, Candler School of Theology, Emory University

Muslim Portraits Muslim Portraits
Everyday Lives in India
Edited by Mukulika Banerjee

Twelve narratives offer portraits of Muslims in India today, recounting their stories, predicaments, aspirations, and the highs and lows of their lives. Intimately told and stripped of jargon, yet nuanced and incisive, these essays portray individuals from many walks of life.

Flexible Stones Flexible Stones
Ground Stone Tools from Franchthi Cave, Fascicle 14, Excavations at Franchthi Cave, Greece
Anna Stroulia

Despite their ubiquitous presence among prehistoric remains in Greece, ground stone tools have yet to attract the same kind of attention as have other categories of archaeological material, such as pottery or lithics. Flexible Stones provides a detailed analysis of the material discovered during the excavations at Franchthi Cave, Peloponnese, Greece. A CD-Rom with 209 additional plates is included.

Citizenship across the Curriculum Citizenship Across the Curriculum
Edited by Michael B. Smith, Rebecca S. Nowacek, and Jeffrey L. Bernstein
Foreword by Pat Hutchings and Mary Taylor Huber

"As Americans flock to college in record numbers, higher education has an unprecedented opportunity to help a new majority of Americans achieve the knowledge and determination to redeem the full promise of democracy—for liberty, justice, equal dignity, and the quality of our shared futures. Citizenship Across the Curriculum provides rich guidance for faculty members on what it means to take these responsibilities seriously." —Carol Schneider, President, Association of American Colleges and Universities

Sounds of Your Life Sounds of Your Life
The Rise and Fall of Independent Radio in the UK
Tony Stoller

This book is the first comprehensive history of Independent Radio in the United Kingdom. With unique access to those who made and marred the system, and to the formal and informal archives which cover more than 30 lively years, Tony Stoller describes how Britain moved from a social to a market economy, while also telling the tales of the people who shaped this national resource.