New releases for March

Hallow This GroundHallow This Ground
Colin Rafferty

"In this riveting debut collection of lyric essays . . . the author delves deep into the heart of past atrocities while probing the motivations of the living to memorialize, and he comes to some provocative conclusions. . . . Though fixed on what remains of some of history's darkest moments, Rafferty's essays, both gripping and wonderfully reflective, illuminate." —Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review) 

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The Bare Bones

The Bare Bones
An Unconventional Evolutionary History of the Skeleton
Matthew F. Bonnan

"Bonnan combines wit and passion with the sensibilities of a talented instructor in this encyclopedic tour of the vertebrate skeleton . . .accessible even for those without a background in anatomy." —Publishers Weekly

New Georgia

New Georgia
The Second Battle for the Solomons
Ronnie Day

Making careful and copious use of both Japanese and Allied sources, Ronnie Day masterfully weaves the intricate threads of these battles into a well-crafted narrative of this pivotal period in the war. 

The Big Move

The Big Move
Life Between the Turning Points
Anne M. Wyatt-Brown, Ruth Ray Karpen, and Helen Q. Kivnick
With an Afterword by Margaret Morganroth Gullette

Forced into an assisted living facility by her husband's ill health, a woman reflects on her transition from a vibrant, independent, and scholarly life to one that is quieter, slower, and that takes up considerably less space.

Significant Images of Railroading

Significant Images of Railroading
Scott Lothes

This book presents an overview of the Center for Railroad Photography & Art's collections. Of the nearly 200,000 images in those collections, 93 are presented here in vibrant color and rich, quadtone black-and-white.

Going to the People

Going to the People
Jews and the Ethnographic Impulse
Edited by Jeffrey Veidlinger

This volume explores the dynamic and many-sided nature of ethnographic knowledge and the long and complex history of the production and consumption of Jewish folk traditions.

Ifa Divination, Knowledge, Power, and Performance

Ifá Divination, Knowledge, Power, and Performance
Edited by Jacob K. Olupona and Rowland O. Abiodun

This volume brings readers into the diverse world of Ifá—its discourse, ways of thinking, and artistic expression as manifested throughout the Afro-Atlantic. Firmly rooting Ifá within African religious traditions, the essays consider Ifá and Ifá divination from the perspectives of philosophy, performance studies, and cultural studies.