New releases for June

06-1-seasonSeason of Infamy
A Diary of War and Occupation, 1939-1945
Charles Rist
Translated by Michele McKay Aynesworth
Foreword by Robert O. Paxton

Season of Infamy presents a distinctive, closely-observed view of life in France under the 1939 German occupation through the diary of political economist Charles Rist. The deeply learned Rist investigates the causes of the disaster and reflects on his country’s fate, placing the behavior of the "people" and the "elite" in historical perspective.

If You Need Me I’ll Be Over There
Dave Madden

"These unforgettable, beautifully crafted stories are narrated in a voice that is among the very best of this generation of young writers. Madden is a brave, canny, bold writer who walks unafraid into lives that are marginalized, damaged, ridden by grief and loss and sometimes held up by only a thread of reality. Anything is possible in a Madden story, which move effortlessly between worlds where people misstep into tragic loss and end up in a circus act, or maybe even in love." —Jonis Agee, author of The River Wife: A Novel

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Congratulations on Your Martyrdom!
Zachary Tyler Vickers

"Congratulations on Your Martyrdom! is one of the most addictive collections of short fiction I've read in years. Whimsical, wild and gleefully absurd to the point of wickedness, Vickers's stories revel in the collapse of American culture. Once these stories grab, they do not let go." —Jessica Anthony, author of The Convalescent

Play as a Symbol of the World

Play as Symbol of the World
And Other Writings
Eugen Fink
Translated by Ian Alexander Moore and Christopher Turner

In Play as Symbol of the World, Eugen Fink affirms the philosophical significance of play, why it is more than idle amusement, and reflects on the movement from "child's play" to "cosmic play."


Levinas's Ethical Politics
Michael L. Morgan

"Michael L. Morgan provides an intriguing alternative to much current thinking in political philosophy. His reading of Levinas amounts to a rigorous but flexible vision of the simultaneous indispensability of political justice and its necessary vulnerability to ethical critique." —Stephen Mulhall, author of The Self and its Shadows: A Book of Essays on Individuality as Negation in Philosophy and the Arts

Guide to Solo Horn Repertoire

Guide to the Solo Horn Repertoire
Linda Dempf and Richard Seraphinoff

Representing over ten years of careful compilation and notation by an expert in horn performance and pedagogy, and by a seasoned music librarian and natural horn performer, Guide to the Solo Horn Repertoire will be an invaluable resource for performers, educators, and composers.

Taking Stock

Taking Stock
Cultures of Enumeration in Contemporary Jewish Life
Edited by Michal Kravel-Tovi and Deborah Dash Moore

Taking Stock is a collection of lively, original essays that explore the cultures of enumeration that permeate contemporary and modern Jewish life. Speaking to the profound cultural investment in quantified forms of knowledge and representation—whether discussing the Holocaust or counting the numbers of Israeli and American Jews—these essays reveal a social life of Jewish numbers.


Ex-Centric Migrations
Europe and the Maghreb in Mediterranean Cinema, Literature, and Music
Hakim Abderrezak

"Hakim Abderrezak convincingly illustrates how politically committed artistic practices serve to humanize the challenges of human migration, and in the process dramatically improves our understanding of the complex cultural, economic, political, and social realities that shape 21st-century existence." —Dominic Thomas, author of Africa and France: Postcolonial Cultures, Migration, and Racism


The Grand Scribe's Records
Volume X: The Memoirs of Han China, Part III
Ssu-ma Ch'ien
Edited by William H. Nienhauser, Jr.
Translated by Chiu Ming Chan, Hans van Ess, William H. Nienhauser, Jr., Thomas D. Noel, Marc Nürnberger, Jakob Pöllath, Andreas Siegl, and Lianlian Wu

"The English translation has been done meticulously, with full scholarly apparatus. . . . These volumes are essential library additions." —Choice

In The Grand Scribe’s Records: Volume X, readers can follow Ssu-ma Qian’s depiction of the later years of the reign of Emperor Wu of the Han (r. 140–87 BC).