New releases for July

Eileen M. Julien

With a series of lyrical vignettes Eileen M. Julien
traces her life as an African American woman growing up in middle-class
New Orleans in the 1950s and 1960s. Julien's narratives focus on her
relationship with her mother, family, community, and the city itself,
while touching upon life after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in

Colonial Colonial Blackness

Herman L. Bennett

"Bennett challenges his readers to rethink the black
experience in colonial Mexico. …He persuasively argues that
exploitative labor systems, violence, and social hierarchy cannot, by
themselves, define Afro-Mexican history…" —Robert Douglas Cope, Brown University

tc steele T. C. Steele and the Society of Western Artists, 1896–1914
Rachel Berenson Perry

"…the illustrations in this book are splendid. The span
of this organization, 1896–1914, coincides pretty precisely with the
best years for our artists—those in which they were bound most closely
and collegially together to the benefit of their art." —Martin Krause,
Indianapolis Museum of Art

John E. Oliver

"John Oliver has produced a record of distinguished
scholarship during his career and there is tremendous need and value in
this particular book for Hoosiers." —John Harrington, Jr., Kansas State

Leonard Warren

"In these pages,
Maclure comes alive in all his energy, genius, generosity, and glaring
idiosyncrasies. …The merits of Warren's work promise to make [this
book] the standard biography." —Donald Pitzer, author of America's Communal Utopias

Giving Giving Circles

Angela M. Eikenberry

Giving circles have been seen as the most democratic of
philanthropic mechanisms, working to meet social needs and solve
community problems, while enhancing the civic education and
participation of their members. Eikenberry examines this new
phenomenon and considers what role voluntary associations and
philanthropy can or should play in a democratic society.

Edited by David C. Hammack and Steven Heydemann

"Hammack and Heydemann are filling an important gap in
the literature on philanthropy, with a book that goes beyond the usual
generalizations about the imposition of Western models backed by
economic power or the celebration of global activism and its
seamless—and disincarnated—networks of activists." —Nicolas Guilhot, London School of

Un The UN and Development

Olav Stokke

In the first comprehensive overview of the development
policies and activities of the United Nations system from the late
1940s to the present,
Stokke demonstrates
the UN's essential role and its future challenges in aiding the least
developed countries and the globe's billion poorest inhabitants.

Fran Quigley

A remarkable partnership between the Indiana University
School of Medicine and the Moi University School of Medicine in Kenya
has built one of the most comprehensive and successful programs in the
world to control HIV/AIDS.

Redsea Red Sea Citizens

Jonathan Miran

the late 19th century, the port of Massawa, in Eritrea on the Red Sea,
was a thriving, vibrant, multiethnic commercial hub. This book tells
the story of how Massawa rose to prominence as one of Northeast
Africa's most important shipping centers.

Sango Sango in Africa and the African Diaspora

Edited by Joel E. Tishken, Toyin Falola, and Akintunde Akinyemi

This volume considers the spread of polytheistic religious
traditions from West Africa, the mythic Sango, the historical Sango,
and syncretic traditions of Sango worship. Readers with an interest in
the Yoruba and their religious cultures will find a diverse, complex,
and comprehensive portrait of Sango worship in Africa and the African

Hyper Hyperanimation

Robert Russett

readable collection of artist interviews accompanied by historical
backgrounds, biographical profiles, and lavish illustrations, this
volume explores a broad spectrum of groundbreaking animation projects
ranging from interactive installations and virtual environments to
digital theater and telematic imaging.

Censor Censorship in South Asia

Edited by Raminder Kaur and William Mazzarella

book offers an expansive and comparative exploration of cultural
regulation in contemporary and colonial South Asia. The contributors
investigate a wide range of public cultural phenomena, from the cinema
to advertising, from street politics to political communication, and
from the adjudication of blasphemy to the management of obscenity.

Aging Aging and the Indian Diaspora

Sarah Lamb

Lamb's compassionate voice and reflexive insights weave around the
moving narratives of Bengali elders in this beautifully written,
theoretically sophisticated ethnography. A classic in the anthropology
of India, comparative modernities, and aging." —Kirin Narayan, author
of My Family and Other Saints

Allan Evans

"Nothing is harder to bring back to life than a dead
pianist, no matter how effervescent or influential. The art dies with
the fingers. What Allan Evans has done—not once but three times—is to
make the late artist seem absolutely relevant to our times." —Norman

Jocelyn R. Neal

"Neal combines thoughtful, meticulous, razor-sharp
analyses of songs and performances with an encyclopedic knowledge of
country music history and of the connections between songs and
performers." —Peter LaChapelle, author of
Proud to Be an Okie: Cultural Politics, Country Music, and Migration to Southern California

Martin Heidegger. Translated by Robert D. Metcalf and Mark B. Tanzer

"With a deep sensitivity to the nuances of Heidegger's
German, this translation retains a liveliness and readability that
captures something of the urgency and creativity of Heidegger's
original presentation." —Christopher P. Long, Pennsylvania State

Edited by Brian Gregor and Jens Zimmermann

"Long before the authors of the Radical Orthodoxy
movement sought to move beyond the hegemony of secular reason and the
false humility of theology, Bonhoeffer was pressing these very same
issues." —Barry Harvey, Baylor University

Edward S. Casey

Since its publication in 1993, Getting Back into Place
has been recognized as a pioneering study of the importance of place in
people's lives. This edition includes new material that reflects on the
development of the field of environmental philosophy and presents
Casey's current thinking on place and home in our
increasingly troubled world.

Edited by John D. Caputo and Linda Martín Alcoff

In this volume, eminent New Testament scholars,
historians, and philosophers debate whether Paul's promise can be
fulfilled. Is the proper work of reading Paul to reconstruct what he
said to his audiences? Is it crucial to retrieve the sense of history
from the text? What are the philosophical undercurrents of Paul's
message? This scholarly dialogue ushers in a new generation of Pauline

Speed The Speed of Light

David A. Grandy

In this mind-expanding exploration of light, Grandy moves from the
scientific to the existential, from Einstein to Merleau-Ponty, from
light as a phenomenon to light as that which is constitutive of