New releases for February

The Year's Work at the Oddball ArchivevThe Year’s Work in the Oddball Archive
Edited by Jonathan P. Eburne and Judith Roof

“A finely wrought collection of curiosities, The Year’s Work in the Oddball Archive presents a surprising and original contribution that stretches our understanding of what constitutes an archive and how to best make use of it. By playing with notions of collecting and cataloging, this anthology offers a range of investigations into detritus and forgotten ephemera, each of which resolutely resists straight-forward methodologies, remaining all the while serious and deeply engaged. A vital intervention into how we talk about the stuff that surrounds us.” —Colin Dickey, co-editor of The Morbid Anatomy Anthology

This Is Only a TestThis Is Only a Test
B.J. Hollars

“In a series of short, entertaining essays, Hollars meditates on natural disaster and fatherhood. He tells of disasters he has been a party to . . . while cleverly relating them to his experience of fatherhood. The point being, it seems, that becoming a father is its own kind of natural disaster, but with more positive results. . . . A great collection to dip into or read sequentially, this book is surprisingly sunny, given its subject matter.” —Library Journal

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The Doc and the DuchessThe Doc and the Duchess
The Life and Legacy of George H. A. Clowes
Alexander W. Clowes, M.D.
Foreword by John Lechleiter

“Vividly told, the book captures the personalities of the protagonists, contains scientifically sophisticated explanations about the development of marketable insulin, and invokes the evolving environment—economic, medical, social, and familial—in which the story takes place.” —Strobe Talbott, author of The Great Experiment

Hoosiers A New HistoryNow in paperback
A New History of Indiana
James H. Madison

“[A] broad mosaic of Indiana identity . . . while some pieces might not be pretty, nearly all of them are intriguing in their complexity. And for forebears as with reading, we’ll take intriguing over pretty any day.” —Indianapolis Monthly

Spanning over two centuries, this sparkling new history offers an invigorating and in-depth view of a distinctive state and the long and fascinating journey of its people, the Hoosiers.

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PaprikaPaprika, Foie Gras, and Red Mud
The Politics of Materiality in the European Union
Zsuzsa Gille

“Gille offers a highly original take on globalization processes in Europe, and in particular, on Eastern Europe’s incorporation into the European Union. . . . [V]ery accessibly written and should thus appeal to a wide audience, including those who are interested in globalization, the European Union, Eastern Europe, contemporary social theory, and agrifood studies. . . . [A] very important contribution to scholarship.” —Rachel Schurman, author of Fighting for the Future of Food: Activists versus Agribusiness in the Struggle over Biotechnology

Global-heartGlobal Heartland
Displaced Labor, Transnational Lives, and Local Placemaking
Faranak Miraftab

Faranak Miraftab draws on ethnographic research in Beardstown, Mexico, and Togo to analyze a space that is often overlooked in scholarship on globalization. Tracing the global processes that produce displaced workers and the social relationships that maintain them, she offers a fresh perspective on place and placemaking.

Worker-mothersWorker-Mothers on the Margins of Europe
Gender and Migration between Moldova and Istanbul
Leyla J. Keough

“Anyone interested in the phenomenon of migration, particularly the gender dynamics of international migration and the politics of ‘trafficking’ in an era of globalization, will find this book an invaluable contribution. . . . This is ethnography at its best.” —Kristen Ghodsee, Bowdoin College

Readings in International Relations of AfricaReadings in the International Relations of Africa
Edited by Tom Young

These readings in international relations in Africa grapple with the continent’s changing place in the world. The essays confront issues such as the increasing tempo of armed conflict, the tendency of Western states and agencies to intervene in African settings, the presence of China, and the health of African states and their ability to participate in the global economy.

Reconfig-mythReconfiguring Myth and Narrative in Contemporary Opera
Osvaldo Golijov, Kaija Saariaho, John Adams, and Tan Dun
Yayoi Uno Everett

“Treats cutting-edge music with a sophisticated theoretical approach, presenting innovative ways of reading operatic narrative and music dramaturgy that will inform the best opera analysis available today.” —Andrew Davis, author of Il Trittico, Turandot, and Puccini’s Late Style

Legacy-transA Legacy Transformed
The Story of HPER and the Birth of the School of Public Health-Bloomington
Mohammed R. Torabi and Barbara Hawkins
With the Assistance of David Skirvin

This richly illustrated history of the School of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation (HPER) is a revealing portrait of some of the people, events, and accomplishments of the school from its founding, subsequent evolution, and transition to the IU School of Public Health–Bloomington in 2012. This book offers an appreciation of the historical importance of the school to Indiana University, the state, and the nation, and it provides the framework for understanding the significance of the school’s transformation into a school of public health.

Law-legalityLaw and Legality in the Ottoman Empire and Republic of Turkey
Edited by Kent F. Schull, M. Safa Saracoglu, and Robert Zens

The editors of this volume have gathered leading scholars on the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Turkey to chronologically examine the sweep and variety of sociolegal projects being carried in the region. These efforts intersect issues of property, gender, legal literacy, the demarcation of village boundaries, the codification of Islamic law, economic liberalism, crime and punishment, and refugee rights across the empire and the Aegean region of the Turkish Republic.