New releases for December

Rush Rush, Rock Music, and the Middle Class
Dreaming in Middletown
Chris McDonald

"A well-researched, provocative glimpse into one of the most popular, yet oft-overlooked bands in the history of rock." —Theo Cateforis, editor of The Rock History Reader

Lebowski The Year's Work in Lebowski Studies
Edited by Edward P. Comentale and Aaron Jaffe
Endnote by William Preston Robertson

"The essays are complex, evocative, approachable, and attentive to the film’s ironies and nuances. There is something here for the slacker as well as the scholar, for all Lebowskis, big and small, for film specialists, 90s fanatics, scholars of American studies, and the ever-growing assemblage of Lebowski cultists worldwide." —Patrick O'Donnell, Michigan State University

Italy Italy in Early American Cinema
Race, Landscape, and the Picturesque
Giorgio Bertellini

"Bertellini moves with ease through social history, art history, anthropology, and theories and histories of cinema. . . . His work offers an important and unique scholarly treatment . . . fascinating reading for Italians, Italian-Americans, and general readers interested in the history, culture, and ideology of immigration." —Marcia Landy, University of Pittsburgh

Observational Observational Cinema
Anthropology, Film, and the Exploration of Social Life
Anna Grimshaw and Amanda Ravetz

"Grimshaw and Ravetz not only demonstrate felicitous linkages between visual and social anthropology, which is highly welcomed, but between anthropological gazes and artistic visions. We need more of these kinds of expanded multidisciplinary works for they break new ground and expand the space of imagination." —Paul Stoller, author of The Power of the Between: An Anthropological Odyssey

Anthropology of News and Journalism The Anthropology of News and Journalism
Global Perspectives
Edited by S. Elizabeth Bird

"A thoughtful, persuasive, necessary, and long overdue tracking of the intersection connecting journalism and anthropology." —Barbie Zelizer, Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania

Tapies A Personal Memoir
Fragments for an Autobiography
Volume I

Antoni Tàpies
Translated by Josep Miquel Sobrer

"Tàpies's writings are an excellent companion to his painted work. . . . His memoirs bestow extraordinary knowledge about his coming of age as a young artist and also provide astonishing information about cultural life in Barcelona, Catalonia, and Spain under Franco's dictatorship." —Enric Bou, Brown University

An American Hometown An American Hometown
Terre Haute, Indiana, 1927
Tom Roznowski
Foreword by Scott Russell Sanders

This book celebrates a bygone American era, focusing on life in 1920s Terre Haute, Indiana. With artfully drawn biographical sketches and generously illustrated histories, noted musician, historian, and storyteller Tom Roznowski not only evokes a beauty worth remembering, but also brings to light just how many of our modern ideas of sustainable living are deeply rooted in the American tradition.

Heroes and Victims Heroes and Victims
Remembering War in Twentieth-Century Romania
Maria Bucur

"Heroes and Victims demonstrates not only how individual, local, and national discourses of remembrance have operated in the complex geopolitical and ethnic world of 20th-century Romania but also how and why post-communist Romanians and others in the 21st century have moved to a post-memory discourse." —Melissa Bokovoy, University of New Mexico

New Authoritarianism in the Middle East and North African The New Authoritarianism in the Middle East and North Africa
Stephen J. King

Stephen J. King considers the reasons that international and domestic efforts toward democratization have failed to take hold in the Arab world. Focusing on Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, and Algeria, he suggests that a complex set of variables characterizes authoritarian rule and helps to explain both its dynamism and its persistence. King’s forward-thinking analysis offers a way to enhance the prospects for democracy in the Middle East and North Africa.

Ancient Greek Lyrics Revised Edition
Ancient Greek Lyrics
Translated and Annotated by Willis Barnstone
Introduction by William E. McCulloh

"There have been many translations of Sappho's work by gifted and well-meaning writers. . . . None quite connects the shards and fragments with the same satisfying verve and flair as Willis Barnstone. Barnstone is one of the greatest translators of literary expression from a foreign language into English." —New Letters