New releases for August

Dillinger Dillinger
G. Russell Girardin and William J. Helmer
With the assistance of Rick Mattix

Dillinger: The Untold Story
is a captivating and revealing account of Dillinger's life and crimes.
This anniversary edition is filled with more illustrations and new
information from FBI files and other sources, making it a rich and
authentic slice of American history and a feast for true crime buffs.

Ruralfree3Back in Print
Rural Free
Rachel Peden. Drawings by Sidonie Coryn

First published in 1961, Rural Free
beautifully conveys the joys of family life on an Indiana farm. Marked
by the slow pace and rich variety of seasonal change, Rachel Peden’s
narrative offers an authentic month-by-month chronicle of her family’s
daily adventures. Rural Free will be a source of inspiration for all who rejoice in rural virtues and the spiritual freedom of country life.

Ageofdinos The Age of Dinosaurs in South America
Fernando E. Novas

Novas has been in the thick of things, personally involved as a
researcher in some of the major issues in the renaissance of South
American dinosaur paleontology. Among his important discoveries are the
abelisaurids, a previously unknown group of Gondwanan predators (with
José Bonaparte); the extremely primitive Eoraptor; and new finds of herrerasaurs. He gives personal as well as professional insights to these finds. Definitely recommended!" —Tom Holtz, University of Maryland

Islandscosmos Islands in the Cosmos
Dale A. Russell. Foreword by Simon Conway Morris

Russell is one of the great creative thinkers of all time in
paleontology. This book—clearly the product of a full life considering
these questions—does not disappoint." —David E. Fastovsky, author of Evolution and Extinction of the Dinosaurs

Just love Just Love
Ann Mongoven

on examples of ordinary heroes, Ann Mongoven argues for a transformed
civic virtue that articulates "just love": passionate care for fellow
citizens as such. By connecting theory to practice, Mongoven dramatizes
the challenges raised through tangible political examples and lets
ordinary heroes suggest the path toward civic renewal.

Indian film Indian Films in Soviet Cinemas
Sudha Rajagopalan

"Fresh and sophisticated, well-written and accessible, this highly
original book not only makes an important contribution to the global
history of Indian cinema, it also illuminates Soviet social and
cultural history during the Khrushchev and Brezhnev eras." —Denise J.
Youngblood, University of Vermont

Vietnam The American War in Contemporary Vietnam
Christina Schwenkel

absorbing study explores how the "American War" is remembered and
commemorated in Vietnam today—in official and unofficial histories and
in everyday life. Schwenkel analyzes visual representations found in
monuments and martyrs' cemeteries, museums, photography and art
exhibits, battlefield tours, and related sites of "trauma tourism." In
these transnational spaces, American and Vietnamese memories of the war
intersect in ways profoundly shaped by global economic liberalization
and the return of American citizens as tourists, pilgrims, and

Connections Connections Audio CD-ROM
Jennifer Li-chia Liu

This MP3 audio CD-ROM accompanies the lessons in the bestselling two-part textbook Connections: A Cognitive Approach to Intermediate Chinese. The Connections textbook,
workbook, and CD-ROM package is designed to offer intermediate learners
of Chinese a complete set of learning tools to improve their language
skills and enhance their understanding of Chinese culture and society.

Interactions Interactions Audio CD-ROM
Margaret Mian Yan and Jennifer Li-chia Liu

This MP3 audio CD-ROM complements the lessons in the bestselling Interactions I and II: A Cognitive Approach to Beginning Chinese.
Recorded study aids include the Chinese sound system, with examples and
classroom expressions as introduced in the text, followed by units for
each of the conversational lessons, organized around vocabulary,
dialogues, mini-dialogues, grammar, and listening comprehension.

Stillness and light Stillness and Light
Henry Plummer

In this book, Henry Plummer focuses on the use of natural light in
Shaker architecture, noting that Shaker builders manipulated light not
only for practical reasons of illumination but also to sculpt a
deliberately spiritual, visual presence within their space. Stillness
and Light celebrates this subtly beautiful aspect of Shaker innovation
and construction, captured in more than 100 stunning photographs.

Climate Understanding Climate Change
Edited by S. C. Pryor

book focuses on the Midwestern United States—a region that contains
approximately one-fifth of the nation's population, plays a critical
role in national agricultural productivity, and experiences a high
frequency of extreme events. Employing observational data and model
simulations, the research presented here provides detailed assessments
of climate change, variability, and predictability over the past 100
years with predictions for the coming century.