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In the 70 years that have passed since its founding in 1947, the Kinsey Institute has been on the leading edge of research on human sexuality. An exploration of the Institute’s inner workings during this time, The Kinsey Institute: The First Seventy Years considers the origins of the Institute, its progress through the Sexual Revolution and ground-breaking work during the AIDs pandemic, and the innovative, contemporary sexual research that continues today. This historical text includes more than 65 images from the Institute’s archives.

The Institute commemorated its 70th anniversary with an open house and the unveiling of a new historical exhibition discussing the timeline of the Institute, touching on the pre-Kinsey era, Kinsey's research and creation of the institute, and the post-Kinsey years. Kinsey institute communications media specialist Marie Metelnick told the Indiana Daily Student "We hope that it's going to give more exposure to how important Kinsey's beginning work and also the following work of the institute has been over the last 70 years.”

The open house also included a book signing by the authors of The Kinsey Institute: The First Seventy Years, who also gave a presentation that evening on Alfred Kinsey's life and work.

Author Hallimeda E. Allinson plans to continue her research into Kinsey and told the Indiana Daily Student that she's currently working through letters and other writings from Kinsey, who was known to respond to virtually anyone he could. "I’ve gotten through about half of the correspondences that are with just the general public, random people who wrote into him with their problems, their concerns and all that type of stuff," she said. "And he answered every single letter. I think he was a very compassionate person who was driven by some of the difficulties that just ordinary people felt around sex and sexuality."

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