Celebrating Open Access Week

This year during Open Access Week which takes place worldwide from October 19 – 25, 2020, we’re excited to share with you the open access edition of Being Lucky: The Complete Edition. Open Access Week is an international project to make scholarly research freely available to everyone. Gary Dunham, director of the Press, believes that this “reissue of Being Lucky perfectly exemplifies the spirit and mission of Open Access Week.”

“Open Access,” Dunham continues, “is not only about ensuring unfettered access to content, but also guaranteeing access to the entirety of the original source material—in this case, the uncensored voice of Herman B Wells.” Being Lucky: The Complete Edition offers Dr. Wells’s full manuscript, free of the cuts made due to length in the 1980 edition.

The Complete Edition of Being Lucky is brought to you thanks to the generous donation of Bob and Billie Jo (B.J.) Kaufman. With fond memories of Wells from their time at IU, the Kaufmans contributed the resources necessary to bring the complete manuscript of the memoir to publication.

It was the Kaufmans’ support that enabled the Press to share this edition of Being Lucky as an open access title. “Because of his distinguished career as an administrator and lifelong enthusiastic support and affection for all things IU,” Dunham says, “it seemed just and appropriate that all who wished to read his story uninterrupted for the first time ever would have an easy opportunity to do so.”

Having Being Lucky available as Open Access also provides readers the opportunity to experience various forms of multimedia content embedded within the online publication. Indiana University Libraries and Archives, for instance, has collected recordings from the 1970s of Dr. Wells giving dictation for the original edition of Being Lucky.

Readers can enjoy more open access content on Open Indiana, a collection of more than 160 of the Press’s open access titles. Being Lucky: The Complete Edition “is only the beginning of an Open Access odyssey at Indiana University Press,” Dunham says. “We’re especially proud that Being Lucky: The Complete Edition has joined 163 other IUP titles on Manifold,” the Press’s platform for digital content, “recently digitized through a Humanities Open Book Program grant funded by the Mellon Foundation and NEH [the National Endowment for the Humanities].”

“Think of all of the other stories awaiting us in the University Archives, poised for their moment of rediscovery, publication, and enjoyment by all,” Dunham says. “I can’t wait to see what’s next!”

As you continue to celebrate Open Access Week, we welcome you to explore the 174 open access projects from Indiana University Press available on our Manifold platform.

Open Access TOME Projects

Through the generous support of TOME (Toward an Open Monograph Ecosystem), Indiana University Press is pleased to have the following monographs freely available for download as Open Access: Beyond Philosophy and Sex, Politics, and Comedy