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Bulgarian Museums of Communism

Bulgarian Museums of Communism

The following is a guest blog post by Stephen M. Norris, author of Museums of Communism: New Memory Sites in Central and Eastern Europe.

The Character of American Democracy Book Launch Q&A

The Character of American Democracy Book Launch Q&A

On September 15, 2020, Jill Long Thompson celebrated the launch of her very new publication, The Character of American Democracy. Featuring special guests including Secretary Leon Panetta, Secretary Dan Glickman, the Honorable Lee Hamilton, the Honorable Paul Helmke, the Honorable Marcy Kaptur, and the Honorable Richard Painter—they discussed the book and its implications for the future of our democracy.

Book Giveaway: Discover New Ideas to Tackle Today’s Issues

Indiana University Press publishes innovative books that tackle the tough issues confronting us today—from a nuclear Iran to hazing to Islamophobia. Enter to win 3 books that will help you explore your world and discover new ideas that tackle today’s big issues: Volatile State: Iran in the Nuclear Age, On Islam: Muslims and the Media, and Hazing: Destroying Young Lives.

Why The Filibuster Matters

Why the filibuster matters

This year's presidential election may produce an unintended consequence: the jeopardization of the filibuster. In this interview, IU Press author Richard A. Arenberg explains why the filibuster is in trouble,READ MORE