New releases

New releases for October

Letters-to-santaLetters to Santa Claus
The Elves
Foreword by Pat Koch, Head Elf
Afterword by Emily Weisner Thompson

"A touching gift book that also offers an unusual window into American history."… READ MORE

New releases for September

WitnessingWitnessing the Robbing of the Jews
A Photographic Album, Paris, 1940-1944
Sarah Gensburger
Translated by Jonathan Hensher with the collaboration of Elisabeth Fourmont

"These photographs reveal a whole new dimension of the Nazi spoliation of Jewish property in occupied France…. READ MORE

New releases for August

EuropeWhen Europe Was A Prison Camp
Father and Son Memoirs, 1940-1941
Otto Schrag and Peter Schrag

"This book takes a unique approach to a World War II memoir,… READ MORE

New releases for July

WinesburgWinesburg, Indiana
A Fork River Anthology
Edited by Michael Martone and Bryan Furuness

"This book is funny as hell, and beneath its humor are contemporary grotesques who deepen our understanding of the human condition,… READ MORE

New releases for June

Looking Behind the Label Looking-label
Global Industries and the Conscientious Consumer
Tim Bartley, Sebastian Koos, Hiram Samel, Gustavo Setrini, and Nik Summers

"This is an outstanding book that analyzes the complexities of the 'conscientious consumer'… READ MORE

New releases for May

SnowdenThe Snowden Reader
Edited by David P. Fidler
Foreword by Sumit Gangly

"An intense examination of whistleblower Edward Snowden that successfully wades through both partisan rhetoric and ideological constraints …. READ MORE

New releases for April

John-bartlow-martinJohn Bartlow Martin
A Voice for the Underdog
Ray E. Boomhower

"The importance of John Bartlow Martin's witness to history is beyond argument and the track record of Ray Boomhower guarantees justice to a Hoosier chronicler who deserves to be a household name."… READ MORE

New releases for March

Queen-flowersQueen of Flowers and Pearls
A Novel
Gabriella Ghermandi
Translated by Giovanna Bellesia-Contuzzi and Victoria Offredi Poletto

"Ghermandi's patient, rhapsodic compilation reflects Mahlet's own struggle with her identity as an Ethiopian and,… READ MORE

New releases for February

Ny-noiseNew York Noise
Radical Jewish Music and the Downtown Scene
Tamar Barzel

"The book is detailed, well documented, and a fascinating analysis of a musical milieu that was less visible than the neo-klezmer movement …. READ MORE