History – Military

Book review: The Fighting Pattons

The fighting pattons"Sobel's updated version of the acclaimed history of the remarkable military family focuses on the legendary World War II battlefield genius General George S. Patton Jr. (1880-1945) and his son Major General George Smith Patton (1923-2004) who forged his own distinguished military history in the Korean and Vietnam Wars."… READ MORE

Book review: Nationalist in the Viet Nam Wars

Nationalist in Viet Nam Wars"This book is of incredible value for anyone interested in Vietnam—its history, politics, and culture—and in the American involvement with Vietnam. It is also a meditation of a Vietnamese patriot on the substance of patriotism during a time of civil war in a context of international alliances…. READ MORE

Book review: Balkan Breakthrough

Balkan"[Hall's] recreation of the morale crisis that eroded the fighting capability of the Bulgarian Army generally, and underlay its collapse at Dobro Pole and afterward, is a welcome addition to the history of a largely ignored front of the First World War."… READ MORE