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Journal of Modern Literature Call for Papers

Journal of Modern Literature Call for Papers

1922 and After: A Centenary of Modernism and World Literature

Drawing upon anthropological, psychological, and philosophical knowledge as well as personal experiences, the high modernists wrote their now-famous classics,… READ MORE

Political Oppression and Retribution Rape: A Closer Look at JML 39.4

Rapists are perpetrators, never victims. It is this psycho-cultural dogma that has led scholars of William Styron’s Sophie’s Choice to conclude that the Jewish character Nathan Landau, who brutally rapes the protagonist Sophie, is more like a Nazi than a Jew, more like an anti-Semitic perpetrator than an oppressed minority. But while teaching the novel in my Holocaust course, I noticed a strange parallel that made me question this seemingly infallible truth about rape and subsequent approaches to Nathan.