Notes on Bootstraps and Coattails

Why should you care about emerging writers? This is the talent pool, people. If you care about literature and you care about our state (and because you’re reading a post on the IU Press blog, I’ll assume that you do), then you should care deeply about nurturing this group that is writing the next generation of stories and poems and novels.

Call for Papers: Health and Ecological Destruction

IJFAB, the International Journal of Feminist Approaches to Bioethics Vol. 9, No. 3: "Health and Ecological Destruction:
Fracking and Beyond," Laura Purdy and
Wendy Lynne Lee

“Which questions moral philosophers choose to study—and
choose not to study—is itself a moral issue,” wrote Virginia Warren in her
groundbreaking 1979 article. … READ MORE

The Ethics of Climate Change

ethics environment
Ethics and the Environment 17.2
is a special issue on climate change that employs the specific insights
of philosophers to help laypersons and scientists wade through the ethical and
social terrains of one of human history’s most ponderous topics…. READ MORE