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Book Giveaway: Discover New Ideas to Tackle Today’s Issues

Indiana University Press publishes innovative books that tackle the tough issues confronting us today—from a nuclear Iran to hazing to Islamophobia. Enter to win 3 books that will help you explore your world and discover new ideas that tackle today’s big issues: Volatile State: Iran in the Nuclear Age, On Islam: Muslims and the Media, and Hazing: Destroying Young Lives.

The Musical Component of Activism and Social Change

This year is turning out to be a year of protest amidst heightened social tensions – established groups like Black Lives Matter and new movements like the recent March for Our Lives rallies are pushing for transformational change in ways not seen since the Summer of 1968. In the forthcoming book, Black Lives Matter and Music: Protest, Intervention, Reflection, editors Fernando Orejuela and Stephanie Shonekan bring together scholars who feel a responsibility to connect people inside and outside of academia, while advocating for social and political change in minority communities.

Black History Month Spotlight: Explore African Studies Journals from IUP

In honor of Black History Month, we invite you to recognize the contributions African Americans have made to our world, and discover groundbreaking scholarship stemming from the African Diaspora. From studies on African conflict and peace to dialogues on race and ethnicity, our journals in African and African-American studies actively work to break down stereotypes and focus on the struggles and aspirations of ordinary people. Enjoy the following sample articles for free from our African Studies journals.

Why Indigenous Peoples Day?

Indigenous Peoples Day celebrates Native Americans and challenges the existing Eurocentric celebration of conquest and discovery that ignores the brutal reality of colonization. The articles below offer an opportunity to understand just a few of the historical and contemporary struggles indigenous people continue to face.

#BlackLivesMatter and a Movement in the Media: A Closer Look at BLC 8.2

Take a closer look at the scholarship behind IU Press Journals! Charles P. Linscott’s article, “#BlackLivesMatter and the Mediatic Lives of a Movement” from Black Camera’s newest issue, is now available on JSTOR & Project MUSE. Below, Charles elaborates on the relevance of the #BlackLivesMatter movement and how its importance affects everything from juror prospection to pop culture.