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Your Revolutionary New Year

Your Revolutionary New Year

New year, new you, new exercise routine! In The Pilates Effect: Heroes Behind the Revolution, authors Stacey Redfield and Sarah Holmes demystify the origins of the ever-so-popular core system exercise movement that took America by storm: Pilates.

The Musical Component of Activism and Social Change

This year is turning out to be a year of protest amidst heightened social tensions – established groups like Black Lives Matter and new movements like the recent March for Our Lives rallies are pushing for transformational change in ways not seen since the Summer of 1968. In the forthcoming book, Black Lives Matter and Music: Protest, Intervention, Reflection, editors Fernando Orejuela and Stephanie Shonekan bring together scholars who feel a responsibility to connect people inside and outside of academia, while advocating for social and political change in minority communities.

Enter to win a signed copy of ‘Girl with Death Mask’

To celebrate National Poetry Month, we’re giving away a signed copy of ‘Girl with Death Mask’ by prize-winning poet Jennifer Givhan! Love, tequila, sex, first periods, late nights, abuse, and heartache. The journey from girl to womanhood is brimming with transformative magic that heals even as it shatters. These are the memories that haunt the dreams of what was and what could have been in Girl with Death Mask.

Discover the Healing Power of Quilts

To celebrate Worldwide Quilting Day, we’re sharing a few of our favorite quilts from the gorgeous new book, ‘Quilts and Health’.

Charlotte Salomon and “Something Really Crazy”: A Closer Look at JML 41.1

Take a closer look at the scholarship behind IU Press Journals! Ariela Freedman’s article, “Charlotte Salomon, Degenerate Art, and Modernism as Resistance,” from the Journal of Modern Literature’s newest issue, is now available on JSTOR & Project MUSE. Below, Ariela elaborates on the cultural importance of proto-graphic novel author, Charlotte Salomon.

Reality through the Lens of Hip-Hop Cinema: A Closer Look at BLC 8.2

Take a closer look at the scholarship behind IU Press Journals! Regina N. Bradley’s article, “Introduction: Hip-Hop Cinema as a Lens of Contemporary Black Realities,” from Black Camera’s newest issue, is now available on JSTOR & Project MUSE. Below, Regina elaborates on hip-hop culture as a visual medium and not as an afterthought behind hip-hop music.

Jalada 05 / Transition 123 Special Issue Now Available!

We are excited to announce that the long-awaited special issue of Transition is now available on JSTOR! Transition, the international journal of politics, culture, and ethnicity, has partnered with the Pan-African writer’s collective, Jalada, to gather, support, and publish new writing talent.