The Allergy-Friendly Cookbook

Book cover of The Allergy-Friendly Cookbook, published by Indiana University Press

As a registered dietitian nutritionist, I am constantly working with my clients on what types of foods to bring into the house that will best nourish them and their entire family…. READ MORE

J. Craig Thorpe Book Signing

As Railroads, Art and American Life: An Artist’s Memoir moved through publication the idea of a
book signing tour seemed inviting. The presentations would underscore the book’s theme: art
helps us understand that railroads provide a culture far more than just another form of
transportation…. READ MORE

Under Penalty of Death

Book cover of Under Penalty of Death, published by Indiana University Press

Kevin Meredith, February 9, 2023

The first time I read Howard Woolverton’s secret FBI account of his kidnapping, I laughed. … READ MORE