Bernissart Dinosaurs and Early Cretaceous Terrestrial Ecosystems

Edited by Pascal Godefroit

Contributions by Jean-Marc Baele, Yuri L. Bolotsky, Niels Bonde, Gábor Botfalvai, Eric Buffetaut, Eugenia V. Bugdaeva, Pierre Bultynck, José Ignacio Canudo, Patrick Carlier, Chen Jun, Vlad A. Codrea, Clément Coiffard, Walter Coudyzer, Gloria Cuenca-Bescós, Gilles Cuny, Véronique Daviéro-Gomez, Jean Dejax, Christian Dupuis, François Escuillié, Peter M. Galton, Géraldine Garcia, Emmanuel Gilissen, Thomas Gillot, Pascal Godefroit, Bernard Gomez, Péter Gulyás, Jin Liyong, Cătălin Jipa, Olivier Kaufmann, Pascaline Lauters, Thierry Leduc, Jean Le Loeuff, Li Xiao-Bo, Luciane Licour, László Makádi, Valentina S. Markevich, Thierry Martin, Edwige Masure, Laetitia Nori, David B. Norman, Attila Ősi, Xabier Pereda-Suberbiola, Stéphane Pirson, Yves Quinif, Márton Rabi, Thomas H. Rich, Armand de Ricqlès, Francis Robaszynski, Christoph Roolf, José Ignacio Ruiz-Omeñaca, José Luis Sanz, Johann Schnyder, Thierry Smith, Paul Spagna, Suravech Suteethorn, Zoltán Szentes, Rodolphe Tabuce, Philippe Taquet, Fidel Torcida, Xavier Valentin, Sara Vandycke, Martine Vercauteren, Monique Vianey-Liaud, Patricia Vickers-Rich, Wu Wenhao, Johan Yans, Ainara Badiola, Johan Yans, Christian Dupuis, Paul Spagna, Paul Spagna, Johan Yans, Johan Yans, Paul Spagna, Johan Yans, Johann Schnyder, Christian Dupuis, Paul Spagna, Johan Yans, Pascal Godefroit, Pascal Godefroit, Johan Yans, Pascal Godefroit, Johan Yans, Paul Spagna, Jean-Marc Baele, Pascal Godefroit, Paul Spagna, Christian Dupuis, Pascal Godefroit, Pascal Godefroit, Pascal Godefroit, Pascaline Lauters, José Ignacio Canudo, Pascal Godefroit, Thomas H. Rich, Patricia Vickers-Rich and Pascal Godefroit

Published by: Indiana University Press

648 Pages, 8.50 x 11.00 x 0.00 in, 264 b&w illus.

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  • 9780253357212
  • Published: July 2012


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  • Published: July 2012


In 1878, the first complete dinosaur skeleton was discovered in a coal mine in Bernissart, Belgium. Iguanodon, first described by Gideon Mantell on the basis of fragments discovered in England in 1824, was initially reconstructed as an iguana-like reptile or a heavily built, horned quadruped. However, the Bernissart skeleton changed all that. The animal was displayed in an upright posture similar to a kangaroo, and later with its tail off the ground like the dinosaur we know of today. Focusing on the Bernissant discoveries, this book presents the latest research on Iguanodon and other denizens of the Cretaceous ecosystems of Europe, Asia, and Africa. Pascal Godefroit and contributors consider the Bernissart locality itself and the new research programs that are underway there. The book also presents a systematic revision of Iguanodon; new material from Spain, Romania, China, and Kazakhstan; studies of other Early Cretaceous terrestrial ecosystems; and examinations of Cretaceous vertebrate faunas.