Alexander Tcherepnin

The Saga of a Russian Emigré Composer

by Ludmila Korabelnikova

Translated by Anna Winestein

Published by: Indiana University Press

288 pages, 6.12 x 9.25 in, 10 b&w illus., 76 music exx.

  • Hardcover
  • 9780253349385
  • Published: November 2007


Ludmila Korabelnikova recounts the life and times of Alexander Tcherepnin, a prolific and often emulated composer who produced four operas, 13 ballets, four symphonies, numerous orchestral and chamber works, and more than 200 piano pieces. He was born in Russia in 1899 to a family of musicians and artists. However, Aaron Copland referred to him as "an honorary American composer" and Toru Takemitsu called him "a father figure of Japanese music." Korabelnikova focuses not only on the biographical elements of Tcherepnin's story, but also on his music and its technical innovations. She includes extended quotations by the composer himself and selective analytical commentary, based on primary sources and contemporaneous accounts.