The Lira da Braccio

by Sterling Scott Jones

Published by: Indiana University Press

136 pages, 8.50 x 11.00 in

  • Paperback
  • 9780253209115
  • Published: May 1995


"This is an essential book for those interested in renaissance instrumentation as well as for potential players." —Early Music Review

"Sterling Scott Jones wrote a marvelous and very welcome work which can be warmly recommended to all musicians, musicologists, and instrument makers interested in early music, its instruments, and performance pratice. . . . This work is of the highest scholarly and, at the same time, practical value (which is extremely rare!): It certainly opens up a new era in the research and use of the lira da braccio." —RIdIM/RCMI Newsletter

"Sterling Scott Jone's exceptional book is . . . welcome as a practical study of the instrument, with its emphasis on iconography, and with its fingering charts, tuning instructions and playable musical examples." —The Consort: European Journal of Early Music

The 16th-century lira da braccio may be the missing link between the medieval fiddle and the modern violin. This is a brief history of the lira da braccio, a handbook for its use, and selected repertoire.