Indiana Birds and Their Haunts, Second Edition, second edition

A Checklist and Finding Guide

by Charles E. Keller , Shirley A. Keller and Timothy C Keller

Published by: Indiana University Press

206 pages, 5.00 x 8.00 in

  • Paperback
  • 9780253203823
  • Published: April 1986


Written by three expert birders, this book is both a finding guide and an annotated checklist of the birds found in Indiana. In Part I, The Haunts, the Kellers present 66 of their favorite Hoosier birding spots—parks, reservoirs, and wildlife refuges, as well as more unexpected and unusual sites. Part II, the Checklist, provides the latest records for northern, central, and southern Indiana for 397 species, from permanent residents to the rarest of strays.

The new edition has also been rearranged according to the most recent AOU classification scheme, which will be especially convenient for birders now using the national Geographic filed guide. Birds in Part II are cross-indexed to the haunts in Part I.

First published in 1979, the book was acclaimed as "extremely functional," "gracefully written", "excellent for touring birders," and "an uncommonly thorough regional guide."