Like Unto Moses

The Constituting of an Interruption

by James Nohrnberg

Published by: Indiana University Press

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  • 9780253114563
  • Published: May 1995


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"This exhaustive and important study of the meaning of Moses in the Bible demonstrates conclusively 'the Mosaicization of the canon' . . . Nohrnberg possesses a remarkable typological imagination. No summary can do justice to the sheer brilliance of the congruities and disparities he discovers on every page." —Journal of Religion

"LIKE UNTO MOSES proposes a series of challenging perspectives on the
process of canon-formation in the Bible. James Nohrnberg's ability to
trace connections among different elements of the biblical corpus is
unflaggingly resourceful, sometimes provocative, and often deeply
instructive." —Robert Alter

" . . . an insightful study of the traditions of Moses in the Bible." —Choice

"This is a formidably argued, large book. . . . It is also certainly the most sophisticated book on Moses and one of the most sophisticated readings of the Bible which I have ever had the pleasure of reading. . . . I think it is a brilliant achievement and would recommend it to every reader of the Bible." —R. P. Carroll, The Society for Old Testament Study Book List

The Moses of the Bible is a veiled figure who exists both inside and outside the text which describes and defines him. "Moses" is a creation of Israelite literary and scriptural tradition, an ideological construct, a reinvented memory, a projection of what Israel wished to see in Moses. Nohrnberg examines the texts of "Moses" for their representation of the tradition's self-doubt and its revisionary, "deuteronomic" content.