The Variorum Edition of the Poetry of John Donne, Volume 4.2

The Songs and Sonets: Part 2: Texts, Commentary, Notes, and Glosses

by John Donne

Edited by Jeffrey S. Johnson, Gregory Kneidel, Tracy M. Hayes, Lydia Medici, Meg Lota Brown, Robert C. Evans, Raymond-Jean Frontain, Corinee W. Guy, Mitchel M. Harris, Dayton Haskin, George Klawitter, Sean Michael Morris, Makiko Okamura, Mary A. Papazian, Paul A. Parrish, Ernest W. Sullivan II and Gary A. Stringer

Published by: Indiana University Press

1104 Pages

  • Hardcover
  • 9780253058317
  • Published: November 2021


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  • 9780253058393
  • Published: November 2021