The Variorum Edition of the Poetry of John Donne, Volume 4.1

The Songs and Sonnets: Part 1: General and Topical Commentary

by John Donne

Edited by Gary A. Stringer, Albert C. Labriola, Jeffrey S. Johnson, Paul A. Parrish, Tracy E. McLawhorn, Meg Lota Brown, Eugene Cunnar, Robert C. Evans, Robert T. Fallon, Kate Gartner Frost, Corinee W. Guy, Mitchel M. Harris, Dayton Haskin, George Klawitter, Gregory Kneidel, Sean Michael Morris, Mary A. Papazian, Amy Criniti Phillips, John R. Roberts, William Shaw and Matthew Vickless

Published by: Indiana University Press

418 Pages, 6.12 x 9.25 x 0.97 in

  • Hardcover
  • 9780253034175
  • Published: November -0001


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This book presents a comprehensive digest of general and topical commentary on John Donne's Songs and Sonets from the early 17th century through 1999. Arranged chronologically within sections, the material in the present volume is organized under the following chapter headings: General Commentary; Autobiography and Persona; Critical Reception; Dating, Publication History, and Manuscript Tradition; Donne's Originality: Praise and Blame; Dramatic Elements; T. S. Eliot; Imagery; Language and Rhetoric; Love and Sexual Imagery; Mannerism and Baroque; Medievalism; Paradox; Petrarchism; Platonism; Psychological Analysis; Religion; Science and the New Learning; Versification; Wit and Metaphysical Conceit; Women.

This book was begun under the direction of Albert C. Labriola, who served as the Volume Commentary Editor until his death in March 2009. Completed by his students and colleagues with the Variorum project, the volume is dedicated to Professor Labriola's memory.