Children's Home Musical Experiences Across the World

by Beatriz Ilari and Susan Young

Contributions by Susan Young , Beatriz Ilari , Jessica Perez-Moreno , Claudia Gluschankof , Caroline Brendel Pacheco , Elizabeth Achieng' Andang'o , Theano Koutsoupidou , Diane Persellin , Sheila Catherine Woodward and Chee-Hoo Lum

Published by: Indiana University Press

198 pages, 6.00 x 9.00 in, 6 b&w illus., 6 music exx., 6 tables

  • Paperback
  • 9780253022103
  • Published: September 2016


  • Hardcover
  • 9780253022004
  • Published: September 2016


  • eBook
  • 9780253022172
  • Published: September 2016


This book offers a fresh and diverse perspective on home musical activities of young children from a variety of countries, including; Brazil, Denmark, Greece, Israel, Kenya, the Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, South Africa,Taiwan, the UK, and the United States. Narrowing their study to seven-year-olds from middle-class families, the articles in this volume argue that home musical experiences provide new and important windows into musical childhoods as they relate to issues of identity, family life, gender, culture, social class and schooling. Though childhood musical engagement differs considerably, it has direct implications for a better understanding of music education and childhood development. Using a wiki to share data and research across time and space, this volume is a model for collaborative cross-cultural research and is centered on the home as a primary research site for children's musical engagement.