Dictionary of Midwestern Literature, Volume 2

Dimensions of the Midwestern Literary Imagination

Edited by Philip A. Greasley

Contributions by Crystal S. Anderson, David D. Anderson, Kathie Ryckman Anderson, Patricia Anderson, Marilyn Judith Atlas, Thomas Fox Averill, Paul Baggett, William Barillas, Jill Barnum, Anne Beck, Robert Beasecker, James M. Boehnlein, Sheena Denney Boran, Victoria Brehm, Rachel Breneman, Roger Bresnahan, Emily Thornton Calvo, Sharon Carlson, Jennifer Cathey, Andrew R. L. Cayton, Haeja K. Chung, Emily Churilla, Hannah L. Coffey, Daniel P. Compora, Sheila Marie Contreras, Leslie Czechowski, Edward Dauterich, Todd Fleming Davis, Theresa Delgadillo, Sheena Denney Boran, Jill Doerfler, Robert Dunne, Maureen N. Eke, Carol Fadda-Conrey, Katherine Fama, Timothy C. Frazer, Philip L. Gerber, Kenneth B. Grant, Marsha O. Greasley, Øyvind T. Gulliksen, Benjamin Hale, Willie J. Harrell, Stephen C. Holder, Ashley Hopkins, Jeffrey Hotz, William E. Huntzicker, Katherine Joslin, Immaculate Kizza, Sara Kosiba, Joyce R. Ladenson, Clarence Lindsay, Larry Lockridge, Loren Logsdon, Paul W. Miller, David Newquist, Marcia Noe, Mary DeJong Obuchowski, Sally E. Parry, Steve Paul, David Perusek, John R. Pfeiffer, Rod Phillips, Denise Pilato, Ronald Primeau, David Radavich, Kristy Nelson Raine, Milton Reigelman, Garyn G. Roberts, John Rohrkemper, Robert L. Root, Margaret Rozga, Herbert K. Russell, Mike Ryan, David K. Sauer, Ann L. Seaton, James Seaton, Marc Kelly Smith, Joyce Caldwell Smith, Crystal Stallman, Jeffrey Swenson, Guy Szuberla, Thom Tammaro, Jon C. Teaford, Catherine Tobin, Ellen Serlen Uffen, Lance Weldy, Johnnie Wilcox, Keith Wilhite, Douglas Wixson, Joseph Wydeven and Susan Yanos

Published by: Indiana University Press

1064 Pages, 7.00 x 10.00 in, 154 b&w illus., 20 maps

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  • 9780253021045
  • Published: November -0001


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  • Published: August 2016


The Midwest has produced a robust literary heritage. Its authors have won half of the nation's Nobel Prizes for Literature plus a significant number of Pulitzer Prizes. This volume explores the rich racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity of the region. It also contains entries on 35 pivotal Midwestern literary works, literary genres, literary, cultural, historical, and social movements, state and city literatures, literary journals and magazines, as well as entries on science fiction, film, comic strips, graphic novels, and environmental writing. Prepared by a team of scholars, this second volume of the Dictionary of Midwestern Literature is a comprehensive resource that demonstrates the Midwest's continuing cultural vitality and the stature and distinctiveness of its literature.