The Louisville, Cincinnati & Charleston Rail Road

Dreams of Linking North and South

by H. Roger Grant

Published by: Indiana University Press

216 pages, 7.00 x 10.00 in, 23 b&w illus., 2 maps

  • Hardcover
  • 9780253011817
  • Published: April 2014


  • eBook
  • 9780253011879
  • Published: April 2014


Among the grand antebellum plans to build railroads to interconnect the vast American republic, perhaps none was more ambitious than the Louisville, Cincinnati & Charleston. The route was intended to link the cotton-producing South and the grain and livestock growers of the Old Northwest with traders and markets in the East, creating economic opportunities along its 700-mile length. But then came the Panic of 1837, and the project came to a halt. H. Roger Grant tells the incredible story of this singular example of "railroad fever" and the remarkable visionaries whose hopes for connecting North and South would require more than half a century—and one Civil War—to reach fruition.